by Colony

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released December 27, 2010

Jes Jim John Brian Les

Recorded at Exeter Studios by Joe Dell'Aquila

Mastered at Azimuth by Bill Henderson



all rights reserved


Colony East Rutherford, New Jersey

There's a race of men that don't fit in
A race that can't stay still
So they break the hearts of kith and kin
And they roam the world at will
They range the field and they rove the flood
And they climb the mountain's crest
Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood
And they don't know how to rest
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Track Name: During Harvest
My eyes, were wide. By the time that the old wolves arrived, my blood was already gone. I had tried to explain myself, to let them know all the pain I felt.

The blades of grass dug deep into to my arms, my legs, hell. My neck and my back. Oh my. My god, what have you done to me. I swear that next time I will do it differently.

I will, kneel young.

I have been know to rattle bones when the day light goes away. Battle tones and barricades block like the worms that dig in my brain. It feels like a static screen that has been blinking all damn day. I lost myself inside a maze, from this world into a beautiful place.

It won't be long until they come for me, so I'm counting my days. My eyes are as black as black can be, and my skin drips down from my shoulder blades. Out here in the frozen fields it is like coast to coast ghosts. Let the blood in the sand and the souls in the wind get all caught in your throat. Then you’ll sing to me about all the dying boys that have lost their way.
Track Name: End The Abyss
I'm awake, in this place. This parade is ending and I have been awake for so many days. I'm awake and I'm okay. I'm awake.

There I lay on the graves of my family. When the damn sprung a leak, there were rainbows all around me. My body drifted down the streets that had turned into streams. The mountains crumbled and the houses fell onto me. But the weight of the walls wasn’t strong enough to keep my soul from floating out of me.
Track Name: Treadwell In 141
The fear is inside. I think I'm fine, but I can not wait for them to crawl out of their caves. They're biting everybody’s head. We have to go out with guns to shoot up every god damn one before they attack my children (the ones I haven’t had yet).

I see a bear in my sights. I can see the whites in his eyes. His whole pack is on the run. Their gums are dripping with human blood. The blood it spills to the floor. I am tripping over bodies of strangers and bodies of relatives.

The day will come the human race will finally accept its fate. The bears will come out of their caves screaming “hell is coming”.

Where we stayed it rained for days. Through the mud and snow we played "hell is coming".

Hell's coming. Help.

They will come for me when I am asleep. I will go crazy if I stay awake. In my dreams I see the shades of my escape. There will come a day when we'll all sing “hell's coming”
Track Name: Clocktower
Deep inside the catacombs that were made when I was made. The columns in the gallows where collapsing in on me. The eyes of god pierced through my skull and reached into my brain. All the dreams I had all fell out onto the floor where they became something living. Now I'm afraid, as if I were scared of anything. I'm awake I've been for days. Now We're awake and we have been for days.

And through these days I sit alone in my room on the floor as I watch the daylight, because I know what is coming.

I set my friends all ablaze, and sent the dogs straight to hell. With a screaming fist I raised myself to the door.

We struck the match at the open gates and set a fire to the whiskey maze. I saw my friend getting chewed and spit. Now I got pieces of his body all over me. I can't find his leg. I can't stand the look on his dying face. I can't find his legs.
Track Name: The Bruce
Deep in Alaska our ship was found under an icy mound of the Alaskan ground. I didn't know that it would be so damn cold.  I didn't pack my clothes, only my baby's bones. So we walked along. We walked along in the freezing cold. There were polar bears and we didn't know that the mud flats were so damn old.  We fell through the surface, and that's when we noticed a gathering of human beings. There, waiting patiently. On to the main land, and off with their heads.

Off we go, through the ice and the snow all day. Until the ship was found beneath an icy mound and there was a parade.  Together we dug out the boat and we road through endless tidal waves, scrapping the ocean floor and singing. "When we woke up in our beds in the morning I had a funny feeling that our map was gone." "Land Ho", the map was found the judges, the pirates, the neighbors were shouting out: "Off with their heads", "With our bare hands".

Swam to the shore and dug in the sand. Yeah. The sun came up over our dear heads. The trees were wet and we couldn't see them.  I took my clothes off, we were soaking wet. By the time they arrived, we had nothing left. Well thank god I left my children back. Now they're all dead and we are surrounded. They're biting holes out of my best friends throat, and I don't know where to go.  

They took off at the light of dawn, as if they would explode. I made my way back home and found out that it was gone.  

All my family lies in graves and my house has become a cave.
Track Name: Old Jack Brown
Here we go into the bear caves again. I'm with my friends and we're singing. Trying to awake these dogs of hell. I will rip out their eyes and swallow, so that they can see the insides of me as they're on their knees begging.

Out in the garden where the flowers grow wild, I can hear them laughing and saying to me “You had better run as fast as you can, because there will come a day where they will surely awake. You better find your escape.”

But I think we're fine, we should all fight. We're all gonna die.
Track Name: Surf In "A"
Hey darling go wash your hands from the blood of boys and the lies of men. If we ever get another chance, we'll start the world on fire and connect the continents.

Hey brother go wash your hands, we are the good ol'boys and the tired men.

Everybody go wash your hands!

That is not how the story is told, and everyone is going to break my balls. I thank god the sky looks great here, everybody I know is wasted.

Where we stayed it rained for days. Through the mud and snow we played "Hell's coming".

Hell's coming.